Tina Williams: ProSafe’s Production Manager of 23 years


When you first walk in to ProSafe Products, you hear a soft hum of the air conditioner, VREERRRRRR of sewing machines, and occasional swish from the fabric saw, cutting material. But the most important sound is Tina William’s laughter and positive attitude buzzing around the factory. Tina has been our reliable, resilient Production Manager for 23 years.

Tina Williams (right) and daughter, Chanel (left)

“Laura (ProSafe President) was in the incubator when my husband caught wind of the job opportunity for me,” Tina said, “I had just had my daughter and so it just worked out really well for me.”

With a new baby girl, working from home worked well for Tina.

“I worked a snap machine in the middle of my living room for a long time!” Tina smiled, “But it allowed me to stay home with my daughter, Chanel, and just work without missing out on Chanel’s activities. I could do it at night or anytime.”

When Chanel was headed to Kindergarten, Laura offered Tina a job at the office a few days a week shipping product and learning the business.

“Laura allows us a lot of flexibility and benefits that I wouldn’t have anywhere else,” Tina said, “It’s personal, she does special things for us. She made me a quilt for goodness sake! She goes beyond what most bosses would do.”

Tina is a very crucial piece to ProSafe Products’ production and success. With nationwide orders, a lot of accountability is put on Tina. With the role of paying bills, invoicing, carrying orders out, and shipping orders out. If our business was the artist’s paint, Tina would be the stable canvas.

Tina Williams

“I like to get the order, carry it out and let it come together,” Tina giggles.


International Dental Show 2017

10-square city blocks in downtown Cologne, Germany right on the Rhine River is where the largest convention center holds the International Dental Show hosted by Loser &Co. (Loser & Co is one of the most prominent sales companies for high-quality dental products in Germany).
FullSizeRender (1).jpg 2017 was a record year, the largest recorded for the IDS with 140,000 registrants. I was one of the 2,500 exhibitors. In this mass of humanity, there were just under 200,000 people there. There were dentists, hygienists, dealers and distributors from every country around the world going by the booth. We had the top linguist from Loser & Co. assigned to our booth, so we were very lucky to not missing business that was interested in our products.IMG_7858.JPG

We acquired a customer from Saudi Arabia who wants a custom Face Drape (Item #1110) that fits over the women’s traditional burkas. You just never know where opportunities will arise.

There was one man from Morocco and he pointed at the Face Drape at our booth and he just started laughing.

“You won’t believe this,” he said, “I went to my tailor, who makes my suits for me in Morocco, and asked him to make me this square with a hole in the middle so I could use it for my patients. He thought I was crazy and he didn’t understand what I was after…and this is what I was asking my tailor to make for me!” He proceeded to buy a few packs of Face Drapes on the spot. He wasn’t the only customer who bought on the spot.FullSizeRender (2).jpg

We were selling through products.

Luckily, Loser let me sell their inventory from their warehouse 20 minutes from the convention! With the exception of one product, we sold the warehouse empty. We were so fortunate Loser let our business thrive, put their order at jeopardy, and had to be at back order for a couple days.
Within the 2,500 exhibitors at the show there was nothing like my product, and that makes bounds of opportunity.

ProSafe Products: Finding A Need

To start ProSafe, I had developed a line of infection control items when I was working for a local Grand Junction dentist. I worked as a chair-side surgical assistant to Dr. Drazek, a periodontist. A Periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implant, who are also experts in the treatment of oral inflammation.Photos from Blink 015.jpg

One morning before anyone had made it to the office, I covered the entire room with my dental-cover prototypes. When Dr. Drazik walked the room in he said, “You need to make a business out of this,” and ProSafe was born.

For two years, I sewed at home on my dining table where I sewed at night and made the items. Then, when I had enough business I ventured out on my own starting in a small factory.

For the design of the products, I had lots of trial and error. I would stay after work and practice on dental equipment in the dental office. Then, I would go home and stitch it up and bring it back the next day and try it again, always fine-tuning my work.

My inspiration was bottom line necessity. Necessity truly is the mother of invention. What we needed in the dental office was the cleanest environment possible.

A dental office inheritably is very difficult to maintain any from of sterility because the rooms are open, things move from into the hallway into the room, etc. Back then in the 1980’s, the equipment was not created for sterilization every single day. Our only option was to cover the equipment up to have an environment where we could do the dental implants.

Dental implants were quite new in the 80’s and fortunately or unfortunately (you decide) at the very same time, was the awakening of the AIDS virus in our country people knew very little about. When the AIDS virus and dental implants crossed, there was a reason for a lot of concern about doing such an invasive surgery as drilling into someone’s jawbone and placing an implant screw in an environment that was impossible to clean.

Photos from Blink 003.jpgMy products allowed the dentist to create a semi-sterile field around the patient’s head, chair, light fixture, the arms on the chair, the dentist himself, and the patient. My products allowed the procedures to occur, the safest way possible. And our goal has never wavered.

At ProSafe, our goal is to meet the needs of the customer when they have concerns about contamination control, infection control, protection of their employees and patients. We strive to create products of the highest quality and meet the needs of the customer to the utmost.


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