Tina Williams: ProSafe’s Production Manager of 23 years


When you first walk in to ProSafe Products, you hear a soft hum of the air conditioner, VREERRRRRR of sewing machines, and occasional swish from the fabric saw, cutting material. But the most important sound is Tina William’s laughter and positive attitude buzzing around the factory. Tina has been our reliable, resilient Production Manager for 23 years.

Tina Williams (right) and daughter, Chanel (left)

“Laura (ProSafe President) was in the incubator when my husband caught wind of the job opportunity for me,” Tina said, “I had just had my daughter and so it just worked out really well for me.”

With a new baby girl, working from home worked well for Tina.

“I worked a snap machine in the middle of my living room for a long time!” Tina smiled, “But it allowed me to stay home with my daughter, Chanel, and just work without missing out on Chanel’s activities. I could do it at night or anytime.”

When Chanel was headed to Kindergarten, Laura offered Tina a job at the office a few days a week shipping product and learning the business.

“Laura allows us a lot of flexibility and benefits that I wouldn’t have anywhere else,” Tina said, “It’s personal, she does special things for us. She made me a quilt for goodness sake! She goes beyond what most bosses would do.”

Tina is a very crucial piece to ProSafe Products’ production and success. With nationwide orders, a lot of accountability is put on Tina. With the role of paying bills, invoicing, carrying orders out, and shipping orders out. If our business was the artist’s paint, Tina would be the stable canvas.

Tina Williams

“I like to get the order, carry it out and let it come together,” Tina giggles.


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